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Sabtu, September 05, 2015

Wake Me Up When September Ends...

It’s been three months since my latest post… As usual, there were many things happened, waiting to be write in...But once again, I got my self in a blank zone (it so cliche..). Anyway, right now i’m very very very missed my boy’s alot… I haven’t seen them for about two whole months *sad… There so many papers work and academical tasks need to be done in this September... The only thing that could ease my hollow was their voice on the phone and their image on the phone... Please, Wake Me Up When September Ends, so I could fly right aways to my home and hold them tight again... And May Alloh SWT reunites our family again soon enough…

2 komentar:

  1. Mang skg stay dimenong bg? Mugi2 kerjaan cepat kelar n kumpul lgi dgn keluarga. Aamiin..

  2. Aamiin...skrng dinas d sby nek.. kluarga msh d bjm.. mudah2an bsa sgera boyong mrk ksni atau sy yg mutasi k bjm :)


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